Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Chapter 10–Converting the Design into Embroidery

Initially I chose a portrait A3 Design,

seen here with Black and White Photocopy 

2017-07-12 07.56.06

On further reflection it was decided that I should

return to an earlier idea of splitting the A1 size down the middle to create a landscape.

To incorporate the runway and length of a day.

2017-07-18 12.50.26_edited-1

New Design

2017-07-15 14.09.36

This design would incorporate three layers

Background – A piece of created cloth, using an embellisher, made up of a variety of fabrics which would reflect the changing sky from dawn until dusk.

This piece would them be over printed and embroidered into to recreated an abstracted view of movement though out the airport.

There would be images of planes and landside vehicles moving throughout the day.

Background Picture

Edited background_edited-1

The lower half of the background would show a water effect piece of created fabric which would also be worked into with over printing and embroidery to show the original rivers which were moved during the T5 development.

Layers 1 & 2

Layer Photo

Layer 1

This layer would use an opache fabric, organza for example, to recreate the haze seen at the airport. Coloured to match the area of sky, ti would be over printed and embroidered into with images of aircraft movement. This layer would also have distressed areas allowing the background to show though.

Attached to the lower edge would be the first layer of the river treatment.

Fabics printed and embroidered as per earlier samples would be decontructed and rearranged to create a sense of manmade movement and construction.

Layer 2

This layer would take the deconstruction of layer 1 further, leaving a linear grid similar to the perimetre fence that surrounds the airport. This grid would hold images of the aircraft and cloud movement.

The lower edges would also have pieces of river which are being ‘moved’ somewhat unnaturely, showing that man can move both nature and metal to achieve their goal. 

Black and White Image of the Design

2017-07-17 15.24.46

Sample for the Background

Coloured Pencil Sample

Coloured Pencil Sample

Although the paper sample has the papers running vertically, I wanted to see if more movement could be achieved by having the coloured strips of fabric on a diagonal, to save paper I coloured a piece of butter musiln which had been ironed onto interfacing to give support.

This is A4 scale

Using my embellisher I tried to recreate the pencil design

2017-07-18 09.00.07 

I added an embelished ‘river’ so I could judge the size of the piece.

(This may or maynot be how the river background looks as I was concentrating on the Sky)

Ideas Gathered from Earlier Chapters


2017-07-12 09.15.14


2017-07-12 09.15.08

New Samples Created

(currently in process of being made)

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Chapter 9–Decorative Papers

Using colours from my research page I decorated papers

Tisue Paper

2017 07 09_0050

Cartridge paper

2017 07 09_00522017 07 09_00542017 07 09_0055

Some of the decorated papers

2017 07 09_00572017 07 09_00582017 07 09_00592017 07 09_00602017 07 09_00612017 07 09_00622017 07 09_00632017 07 09_00642017 07 09_0065

Designs into Full Colour

I need to creat a Sky and River theme

2017 07 09_0032

Sky Idea 1

2017 07 09_0070

Sky Idea 2

2017 07 09_0069

Sky Idea 3

2017 07 09_0071

My Cat gives her opinion of the Sky pictures!

2017 07 09_00722017 07 09_0073

The River ideas

2017 07 09_0074

Rivers combined with the Skies

to see how they compliment each other

2017 07 09_00752017 07 09_00832017 07 09_0079

2017 07 09_00782017 07 09_0082

Chosen Idea to take foward

2017 07 09_0077

2017 07 09_00802017 07 09_00812017 07 09_0076

Chapter 8–Research for Conservation Theme

I live near Heathrow Airport which is under considerable investigation for air and noise polution

by a number or organisations and protest groups.

During the building of Terminal 5 two rivers were found to be directly in the way of contruction and had to be very carefully redirected.

This involved a mammoth task of collecting all the wildlife and plants which were returned  once the new waterways had been contructed.

With family working at the airport the contruction had a personal effect as each time we drove around the airport or the M25 changes had occurred as new roads and buildings where contructed.

I am facinated by the movement of the airplanes, here and then gone as their passengers are boarded, their take-off slots arrive. Whenever a plane arrives the number of vehicles that arrive to service the plane and carry bags, fuel and food never ceases to amaze me. Yet these vehicles emit exhaust fumes and the petroleum would be harmful to the creatures in the two rivers should it come into contact with them.  The fact both this hugh airport and the fragile ecosystem live so close by has influenced this module.

The manmade lines and solid structures sandwiched between Nature, flowing water and the creatures and the ever changing sky.

2017-04-28 15.07.29

Design Exercise

Form simple compositions to reflect the meaning of words

2017 07 09_0031

Chapter 7–Use of Dissolvable Fabrics

Examples of Dissolvable Fabrics

2017 07 09_00262017 07 09_0027

Using Soluthick to create stitched samples using different stitch methods

1. ‘Normal stitching
2. Free Stitchery using embroidery foot with feed dogs down
3. Very open effect   4. Very dense effect
5. Only in one direction  6. In opposite directiobs
7. In curved shapes  8. Straight stitch
9. Any swing stitch  10. Cable stitch
11. Whip Stitch  12. Metallic thres
13. With trapped bits  14. Form a 3D shape
2017 07 09_0028
Samples with the dissolvable fabric washed away
And the techniques used written next to the sample
2017-07-09 17.25.08
Soulable Lace methods to Translate Areas of Drawings
2017-07-09 10.04.302017-07-09 10.20.21
2017-07-09 10.25.262017-07-09 10.30.14
Samples with Soluable Paper washed away

2017-07-09 20.25.56


2017-07-09 20.26.04